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Hi, welcome to 'Diary of a Visual Artist', my little blog. My name is Monica, I am originally from Italy but moved to London nearly 20 years ago.

Lately I decided to start a diary where I would re-organize all my creative and positive thinking ideas. So after some lonely word documents, confusing picture files, messy bookmarks and all the stuff that clutter a laptop, I decided to write online where I can share thoughts with the beautiful community of bloggers, keep everything organized, find things easily and keep my laptop clutter free.

I moved in this flat 2 years ago and  spent the first 4 months renovating. Well, I didn't really do much but enough to make this place decent. When we moved I had to remove bad taste flowery wallpapers from every room. In the bathroom I had blue dolphins everywhere, on wallpaper and tiles. On the floor I had dark wet flowery carpets. What a claustrophobic feeling. I didn't have a big budget and decided to paint all the walls white, applied fake wood on the floors and bought a bunch of Ikea furniture thinking, as soon as I finish I will start again making this place the way I like. Then I got busy at work (I am a programmer Monday to Friday and a visual artist at weekends) and started to travel a lot. After two years, I have decided to start decorating again:-))))))

I have decided to use this blog as a platform where I can re-organize thoughts and exchange ideas with other people. Unfortunately both my family members and friends are not interested in house decor, art or blog reading. So I really hope to interact with you house decor goddesses out there to share this little passion.

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