15 Oct 2014

October Moodboard

It is that time of the year when leafs are falling slowly and the summer is gone. It's such a sweet season, I love seating near the window with a book while from time to time I look outside at the falling leafs and schoolchildren playing in the park. It gets darker earlier and all the lamps are on to create a warm atmosphere. There are two moments I love in a day. One is sunrise when everything is silent and the town is frozen in a time that doesn't have time. It's like everything is suspended in stillness for ever. The other moment of the day I love, is between the afternoon and the evening. If you pay close attention, there is a moment in which everything gets silent and life is suspended in an eternal stillness, I call this moment twilight. Both moments are very rare in my life. I am rarely at home in the late afternoon and I am rarely out at sunrise. Such a pity.
Below are some pics I found on an autumn Pinterest board.

 via Klikk