9 Oct 2014

Bad Bloggers

Ok, some bloggers really go mad.
There is a blog that I can't read anymore because the page is covered by a big publicity and I can't get rid of it to access the blog. There is another one that has big advertisements on top of the page that creates problems when I try to read it. It covers half of the page and I have to read the post in the tiny space left. There are a couple that have flashy commercials on the side that are very annoying. I really like to relax when I read a blog and flashy tings on both sides are absolutely annoying. Then there are bloggers that suddenly decide to change design and make things complicated. There is one in particular that I used to love that has changed the design. It doesn't look like a blog anymore, it looks like a magazine which I hate and the pictures are so big that don't fit in my laptop screen. I have a big laptop and I don't like to look at pictures by scrolling up and down, I like the picture to fit in one page while I scroll up and down to read the full post. Why do people do this? I am talking about some super famous cool blogs. There are also blogs that don't display the full post. You have to click on each post to read it. I don't like those. There are also blogs that don't display the archive. You have to go back post by post to read the previous years. There is a blogger that has changed the design of the blog lately and posted a set of instruction on how to read her blog. Really? Do I need a degree to read a blog? How annoying.

I like reading blogs because they are simple. I like to go on a blog and scroll down to read the full post. I like the fact that after the first post, I find a second one and that at the end of the page I click on a link to go to the next page. I like the fact that I have a list of categories on the side and an archive. I am a busy person, I read blogs on a bus or in the evening after a busy day. I want simplicity.

I don't like to read online magazines because they are time consuming. I don't like to click on each post and back to the main page constantly. I don't like confusion in a page, it is distracting and makes the eyes tired. I am an IT Consultant and I have a degree in Computing and I studied Graphical User Interface years ago. We learned a lot about colours in a page and how harmful a bad designed page can be for the eyes and brain.

My blog is about design and simplicity. And so are the bad blogs I am talking about. If your blog is about good design, why on hearth having a bad designed blog? If you made millions of viewers with your old blog, why change? Why 'complicate'? The thing is that not only computer experts read blogs. Grannies read blogs too and they are no computer graduates. Simplicity is the best way. Have you noticed that the most famous blogs started as simple blogs? Why destroying that then?

So, why do I care? I care because from time to time suddenly I have to stop reading one of my favourite blogs and noticed that there are more and more blogs gone wrong, day after day.

If you are a blogger, please keep this in mind when blogging.

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