10 Jun 2014


Sometimes, I look at pictures and feel nostalgic. The pictures below remind me of the times I was young and carefree. The times I lived in disaster zones with other kids. The times when the future belonged to the distant moon and the past belonged to distant dreams. The times when the world was magic and I was in love, constantly in love........ The times when my heart bit was loud and my laughter too. Sometimes I wonder, are really grown ups boring? I remember I didn't want to grow up. I said I will never be like you people. I said I hate grown ups. I was constantly called immature. But then one day I decided to grow up and be part of our big society. And by growing up I lost my complete freedom. And then came the mortgage and the bills and the responsibilities and the 9 to 5 and the programmed holidays and and and.............

 via Soulhunting

 via Sulia

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