25 Jan 2014

Books Everywhere

Every time I browse trough beautiful homes I notice something. The places are so beautiful because they don't have books. They are clean with lots of empty spaces. Then I look around and reality hits. Yes, I do love my flat but oh my, how many books I have. I try to contain them in white Ikea Billy's bookcases with glass doors to minimize the colourful noise. But still, too many. So lately I am looking at books solutions. Below are some pictures of beautiful books display. I had a room like the one below, where I organized my books but then I decided to use the room as a painting studio and moved the books in the living room.

 via Deringhall

Below is another picture with books contained in one space.

 via Stylizimo

This is another display with less books. Not me:-)

In the end what should I do bin them? Never!!!!! I love my books. I bought a kindle. That is helpful, I read a book and if it's great I buy it in paperback otherwise I leave it in my kindle. I am saving lots of space and spending more!!!!!!!
So lately I thought of storing books in the corridor. I have a long white corridor and I am thinking of adding white shelves on one side just below the ceiling. It won't clutter the place and will free a bit my bookcases that at the moment contain double rows of books. I found the shelves below that I think would be perfect. They will be available in February in Ikea stores. Now I need to get someone to fit them because I can do many things but I will never manage to fit a shelf in a straight line:-))))))))))))

If you have better ideas please let me know. I guess the book shelves above will be quite invisible.

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