3 Dec 2013

Teen Room (3)

A wardrobe make over.

Below you can see the pictures of the Ikea wardrobe that I have painted for my daughter's bedroom. She is 12 and into electric guitar and base. She wanted this wardrobe from Ikea because it is her size (not too tall or big) and  very well organized. She cannot have drawers because for some unknown reason she breaks them. So this was a good choice and a cheap one. But it was also a bit dull.
I changed the door handles and asked her if she wanted a drawing on it and she gave me a crazy picture to copy. I did it and ta-da! it looks really nice. On the wall next to it I made some little drawings and quotes. The girl in the picture painted on the newspaper is my daughter.
Well, I hope you like it. She does, she thinks it's so cool.

Below is the original wardrobe.

xxx Monica


  1. That is such a cool bedroom for a 'rock star' kid!
    Great job :)

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed the drawing process ;-))))