28 Dec 2013

Paulina Arcklin

The Photographer - The Interior Stylist

She is a Finnish, Amsterdam based Photo Stylist and Photographer. Her style love is a mix of new and  industrial in white with a little bit of grey and black. She says that she is not a Fashion Stylist or Interior Stylist. She is a photographer and she chooses location, items and sets how those items are on the photos. She also works with other Stylists. In the pictures below the stylist is Renee Arns.
I am absolutely in love with her interior photography. This is her blog: Paulinaarcklin.nl
Aren't these pictures fantastic? By far for me she is the best inspiration of 2013.  Her pictures are just a work of art. In the pictures below both Renee and Paulina managed to create a space that is light and free from boundaries. Below is a place you can call home that requires minimum effort to keep clean and clutter free and it is always great to look at and live in. That is a place I dream stuck in a normal boxed home.
I will investigate Renee Arns in a future post. Enjoy.

 All the pictures are taken from Behance.net

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