20 Feb 2013

Words on Walls

What do you have on your wall? I came across some framed words that made me think. Having framed word on walls is pretty and positive but, I say but, would you frame negative phrases? I think the selection should be made carefully. For example:

 via minimalista 

How would you feel looking at this every day? You wake up in the morning and read the above words. It would remind you that you are single were single on valentine day. Yes, you do feel fave fabulous but you are still reminding yourself that even though you are fabulous, you are indeed single. Maybe, you are not so happy about it to have a reminder. No, I don't find this a positive phrase to hung on a wall. Lets look at another one:

via unknown

The one above is more on the line of positive thinking. Love is.....everything or whatever crosses your mind when you look at it. It makes you smile. It makes you feel more positive. I believe that when you hung words on your wall they must make you feel positive and happy. If they make you think than you attract negative energy. One thing is to read a book and underline profound phrases and another thing is to splash sad phrases on your walls. I believe that your home should be a place to recharge your battery and to do that you must make it absolutely positive. 

The ones below for me are a NO-NO!

The ones below for me are a YES!

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