12 Jan 2013

Teen room (1)

So, next Saturday we start a teen room makeover for my 11 year old daughter. After lots of talks about it we came to some compromises. I really like this chandelier

that can be found at www.shoreditchlighting.co.uk for £159.95. She said she wants this

from www.ikea.com for £16.00. It's her room and I can't argue with it. As long as it will not be something trashy. I also liked this lamp on her desk

from www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk for £60.00 but she doesn't like it.

For her desk would be also good the Metal Strap Drum Pendant by Younghouselove for $99.00 sold by www.shadesoflight.com. Let's hope she will like it.

Another one that I like is the Bubble Glass Pendant designed by Younghouselove and sold by www.shadesoflight.com for 49.00$ only.


We have decided to create a black board at the back of her bed that will replace the headboard. She was inspired by this image from vosgesparis.blogspot.co.uk

as for the bed, I will take her to Ikea tomorrow to have a look at this one

There are 2 drawers that can be very useful and can be opened to make a double bed when she has a friend for a sleepover.  Very useful bed. Once we add pillows and bedspreads, it will look really nice.
Hope she will like it. 

The problem with a teenager room is that I cannot really choose designer furniture because they can destroy it in a small time. She likes to have friends over and a bunch of teenagers on designer furnitures is a no-no.  The wardrobe will be from Ikea, a big big white one. I will make graffiti art on the doors to make it 'cool'. This was another request. This morning she asked for a popcorn maker and a minifridge!!!!! well as she wishes, if I can have my clean flat back I will be happy.

At the moment, she is not using her room because is pink with flowers and toys. She plays guitar hero in the living room a lot! (I have to say that after years of tweenys, sponge bob, Hanna Montata and the likes, thanks to guitar hero she is finally starting to listen to good music. Thank you guitar hero) She chats with her friend in my studio on the laptop a lot! That means I have a constant mess in both living room and studio! Once her room is done, she will mess only one room. yeah!!!!! 

The bad point of all this is that she doesn't want to play dolls anymore with me. Will I miss this? A LOT. I already do miss it. She is growing so fast :-(

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