5 Jan 2013

New year resolution - declutter your place

It doesn't matter if you live in a mansion or a shared house but, according to the Feng Shui and many positive thinking promoters, clutter is bad for you.
Your house reflects your inner peace and should be kept harmonious. A house should have free positive energies circulating and clutter can prevent this.

If you live in a cluttered space, you will feel your energy level low, you will feel constantly tired and unhappy. Your house, should be treated and respected like your inner self. A dark clumped place reflects a dark confused moods. This can influence your daily life an future activities, this dark energy could block the flow of positive energy in your life and the flow of positive future events.

So, what are the rules to keep a place clutter-free?
A few simple rules that might seem big in the beginning but once you get used to it, you will realize how simple it is to have clutter free place and how good it feels.

Rule number 1
Donate all the unused items in your house.
According to many different religions, spiritualists and positive thinking believers, the act of donation, opens doors to spiritual and material rewards. The more you donate, the more you will receive. So, what to donate?

Rule number 2
Start with the wardrobe in your bedroom and go trough your clothes, take everything out and ask yourself when was the last time you worn it. There are a few and I mean just a few items that can be kept for ever like your wedding dress if you are still married or the dresses that you wear on special occasions if thy are still your size and are not out of fashion. The rest, if you haven't worn it in the last 2 years must be donated. Do you really want to keep the dress worn at your grand mother funeral? How many sad memories are linked to that dress? Why keeping sad memories in your wardrobe? What if you are divorced? Are you still keeping that beautiful dress you worn on your wedding day? You are not saving it for your daughter are you? That should be considered as a bad luck gift. Donate it and make space for a new happier one. You can keep 1 or 2 items that has beautiful memories attached to it. Only 1 or 2. Your wardrobe should inspire you, should make you feel good. Once your wardrobe starts to look pretty, move around the room and continue decluttering.
When your bedroom has been done, move to the room next to it until you have completed the whole place. Can't find the time?

Rule number 3
Well think about all the positive feelings you will feel once it is done. In the beginning if you haven't decluttered for years, set a task for a few weekends. Maybe a room each Saturday for the next 5 Saturdays. After that, it might take a few minutes a day or a couple of hours at weekends. It is important to prevent this from happening again in the first place.

Rule number 4
Have some fun when decluttering your place. Open windows to allow fresh positive energy coming in. Listen to your favourite music and reward yourself after each decluttering sessions with a dinner out or coffee with friends. Or maybe a well earned gift.

Rule number 5
Avoid clutter to accumulating again. Write down where did you declutter most and the majority of donated items. If the majority of donated items were your clothes, think about the time you go shopping and why did you buy them. Are you a compulsive shopper? Maybe, like my late sweet grand mother you save wrapping paper for future use in cupboards and forget you saved it? Try to identify the type of clutter in your place and why was it there and you will find a way to avoid it.

Rule number 6
Don't own more than you need. You just saw a pretty vase that would look really goon on your table? Didn't you buy one last month? And one the month before? Then you have to make a choice. Which of the three looks best? Well, set a rule, you can only keep one. Just because there are so many pretty vases out there, doesn't mean you need to own all of them. Instead, save the money in a jar and buy yourself a nice holiday or a house makeover.

Rule number 7
Re-organize your space. A trip to IKEA would help a lot. Otherwise check the local store for storage items. You might want to have a look at online blogs specialized in storage and clutter free places for more ideas and inspirations.

Feel the new positive energy circulating. Now that your place is free from clutter, it looks bigger and fresher. Well done, you have pushed bad energy away and made space for new positive one.

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