3 Jan 2013

A little collage


After the holidays we will start to decorate my daughter's lovely pink room. She is 11 now and pink is so last year. She feels like a big woman and at the moment hates flowers, anything pink, and everything that can be associated to little girls' rooms. So, we decided for a room makeover.  In future posts I will publish the pictures of her room before and after.
Yesterday we looked at some prints on mydeco.com and she liked 2 of them but she wanted them slightly different. We looked at the London Print by Blanca Gomez below

She said that the print is lovely but there is an old guy in it. So today we decided to make a little collage and change the 'old man' with a girl.

It took a few hours to do it, such a little collage. We spent a long time finding the right colours.

At one point the dress was different

At another, she had blond hair

She had different tights and shoes

We also spent lots of time finding the right letters

The original print plus delivery cost around £25.00. If I think at the time spent I should have bought the print but we had so much fun and this is customized for my daughter's likes.

The final one


Hope you like it :-)


  1. I love your version, specially the tights, and its great you did it together, you'll always remember it! Estee xx

  2. Glad you like it. Yes we will remember it:-)))))))